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Promotion! Paging Machine from Guanhaopack Online

3447 2015.01.15 1
Q: Dear sir /madam:
We are interested in your paging machine. Please advise price by return email.
BR/riaz ul haq

A: Dear Mr. Riaz ul hap
Good day
Please check in attachment for this paging machine quotation,
I’m looking forward to you reply soon,
You will have chance to get promotion price by the end of this year if you pay deposit soon,
Have a great day.

Q: Dear eleven, price is too much? Any discount?
A: Mr. Riaz ul hap
Sure as I told to you about our promotion in the end of this year
If you can send deposit soon,
We can offer you this price USD1520/set
Wait for your answer,
Thank you

Q: dear eleven
We have offer for this machine for USD 700. - What is the difference?

Hi, sir
The different is between material and the speed steady,
Sure I don’t what kind of material others use, but I can tell we only use real stainless steel,
You also can check in made in china, we have our reputation,
And many customer buy from us,
So if you want compare this kind of price, I have no idea,
So you can choose what you want,
Thank you for reply.
Q: dear eleven
We need long term co-operation. We will be needing around 40-50 pcs or more in a year time. so please quote price accordingly.

A: Dear riaz,
Sure I agree to you, please let me check with my boss, we will offer you a reasonable price if you be our agent and sale big quantity in your country
Thank you so much for this,
Have a good day