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26 Years Focus On
Intelligent Filling Production Line

Packaging Machinery Manufacturer With 26 Years Of ExperienceProvide a complete solution for packing production line.

Guangzhou Guanhao Machinery was founded in 1994. We are mainly engaged in design, research and development, sales, services. As a national high-tech enterprises, we have been focused on providing efficient and intelligent filling production lines. Over the years, Guanhao adhering to the business philosophy of " Demand Quality And Chase After Greatness", highlighting independent innovation in our overall development strategy. Implementing high-quality,high standard, high- Development Strategy.

  • National High-tech EnterpriseNational High-Tech Enterprise
  • EU CE certificationCE Certificated
  • 35 invention patents35 Patents


Bubble water filling production line

Liquid filling machineMORE+

The liquid filling machine can treat tablets (including special-shaped tablets), hard capsules, soft capsules (various shapes, transparent...

Automatic single-label paste labeling machine

Double side positioning labeling machineMORE+

All exposed parts of the fully automatic single-label paste labeling machine are made of AISI304 stainless steel

Automatic piston-type filling machine patented product

Automatic piston-type filling machine patented productMORE+

The tube filling and sealing machine completes tube supply, identification, filling, hot melt and sealing by a fully automatic operating system、...

Linear capping machine

Linear capping machineMORE+

The screw capping machine is mainly composed of bottle conveying mechanism, cap arranging and capping mechanism...

Automatic sleeve labeling machine

Automatic sleeve labeling machineMORE+

The automatic sleeve labeling machine adopts the integrated design of machine, electricity and gas, compact and reasonable structure...

Filling production line Labeling Machine Filling machine Capping machine Sleeve labeling machine aerosol red tube sticking machine

CUSTOMIZATIONDesign the layout structure according to the actual space and production process

Hardware customization fits production

01Tailored For You

26 years of deep cultivation in the filling and packaging industry, the filling production line can be tailored according to the equipment assembly space and product type

Beautifully designed appearance structure

02Reasonable Structure

Research and development team has over 10 years of industry experience. Guanhao machine with advanced design concepts, exquisite appearance, excellent quality.

Mature software control technology

03Software Development Technology

The software development team combines independent research and development with foreign avant-garde technology, constantly updates and upgrades technology. 4:Strict Quality Control

The inspection team strictly controls errors

04The inspection team strictly controls errors

All our products are passed through stringent quality control checks that are tested in our quality control department.

CaseTailor-made solutions for each customer

Work With Guanhao To Improve The Production Efficiency Of Hand Sanitizer Filling Project

UnileverHand Sanitizer Filling Production Line

Description:Unilever group is one of the world's leading consumer goods companies, with more than 400 brands. They have a strict requirements for the packaging machinery.

Review:Production efficiency has been stable, easy-to-operate and error-free.

Work With Guanhao To Improve The Production Efficiency Of Disinfectant Alcohol..

Baiyunshan(BYS) Pharmaceuticals GroupDisinfectant Alcohol Filling Production Line

Description:Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group is a well-known large state-owned enterprises with considerable strength in China's pharmaceutical industry

Review:Guan Hao's disinfection alcohol filling production line is easy-changing, reduce the waste of materials and the setup time.

Work With Guanhao To Improve The Production Efficiency Of Cooking Oil Filling..

LEE KUM KEE GroupCooking Oil Filling Production Line

Description:LEE KUM KEE Group is a multinational enterprise with many years of history, is a well-known Chinese sauce brand at home and abroad

Review:Their edible oil filling machine equipped with automatic detection system, it can reduce Unqualified rate.

Lubricant Filling Production Line

SANVO GroupLubricant Filling Production Line

Description:SANVO Group is committed to aerosols, silicones, synthetic glue, lubricants (lubricants, grease), waterproof construction coating..

Review:Lubricant filling production line with fast speed that can reduce our labor cost to improve the core competitiveness of our products.

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  • 广州冠浩-联合利华


Our Advantages Guangzhou Guanhao's 4 advantages let you choose with confidence

35 Patents, pay attention to Technological innovation,keep pace with the times.
Annual investment in technology research and development with over 30% of our turnover, speed up the pace of research and development of new products and technology upgrades. We acquired 35 software copyrights and patents,. With a number of long-term cooperation with raw material suppliers, source control process, to ensure the best quality.
3569 Customers ,90+ Application Fields
We have served 3569 customers, covering a wide range of fields, familiar with the production standards of various industries. Our experienced team can provide you a complete solutions to ensure that products and actual needs are highly consistent. To help enterprises to achieve intelligent transformation quickly, maximize your profit.
Experienced Team Would Know What You Need
26 years of experience, we have accumulated plenty of service experience, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system for company management. We have the unique insights in this packaging industry with the capability to develop software and hardware simultaneously.
1 Year Free Warranty Free Maintenance For Life
Provide operation training and technical indicating service, 7*24 hours online service to solve your problems. Pay regular visit to the customer to track the usage of the machine.

NewsFocus on industry information

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Between the labeling machine and bottle story
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    Several common faults of labeling machineLabeling machine, is a part of the packing of the goods indispensable, it can clear beautiful to consumers indicate various attributes of goods, such as the production date, origin. ...

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