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Several common faults of labeling machine

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Labeling machine, is a part of the packing of the goods indispensable, it can clear beautiful to consumers indicate various attributes of goods, such as the production date, origin. For the circulation of commodities do have according to the. However, the labeling machine is in operation when, also can appear the following common fault:

1, stick a label the top mark the corners and standard misalignment

Using the handwheel to adjust the hub, so that the front and back rotation, adjusted to the appropriate position; adjusting the top label plate and the angle between the label plate body

2, stick a label hourglass cover

Adjust the angle to the appropriate position shifting rod

3, the top of the target pressure head after the standard paper is broken or not is

Replace the pressure head device in the sponge pad and a rubber mat

4, glue pump less plastic or blockage

Check the pump bottom is blocked with debris; check whether foreign bodies blocked tube; check the ball position, the glue pump leakage

5, the top of the target pressure head dislocation

The axial loosening the fastening promotion after fixing, loosening fastening bolt sleeve up to its release and shaft, rotating head is adjusted to the appropriate position, the fastening.

6, top mark tear mark

Adjust the rubber film thickness; check clip refers to action is consistent, be adjusted

7, dorsal standard, standard on both sides do not mean

Using the handwheel adjustment rotating hub, to turn back and forth, adjusted to the appropriate position.

8 beauty effect

Check the position of the belt, adjusted to the appropriate position; cosmetic nozzle is blocked, cleaning can be

9, to spurt the code is not clear, the position is not centered.

Whether a foreign body or water bottle blowing pipe inspection, adjustment of position; detecting head is clean, rinse nozzle; adjust the nozzle position, make its printing center

If you encounter these problems, solve. Please get in touch and you will get professional labeling machine repair service and we crown hao.