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The Noticing Tips and Daily Maintenance of Capping Machine

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Capping machine plays an important role in the manufactural industry. Here we will share some noticing tips and daily maintenance of capping machine with you.

1. The machine use 220 v supply power in Single-phase three-wire system. So the grounding must be reliable, otherwise it will have bad influence on the personal safety.

2. All the metal pieces can not be close to the sensor head.

3. Check the level cooling water regularly. When the capping machine is frequently used, check it once a week, and replenish cooling water. It is best to use non-conductive cooling water.

4. Check the pipeline frequently. Make sure that the joint have no water leakage, water seepage phenomenon. To prevent pipes freezes caused by low temperature, the water tank should be injected in antifreeze.

5. The maintenance should follow the sequence of operation.

6. The maintenance should have fixed professionals.

7. Do not open the case after startup. Cut off the main power when check and maintain coping machine.

8. The design of the capping machine must include overload and overheating protection system. It will cut off the high voltage when the temperature of the hot plate is over 70 degrees. At the same time, the alarm light will flash. When the load is too heavy (i.e., the heated lid diameter is too large, or is closely packed, or is too close to the sensing head), causing machine high voltage current overload  instantaneously (digital display more than "100" instantaneously), it can also be protected. It belongs to the normal phenomenon, you can press the "START" button to START again.