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linear capping machine

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product name :  linear  capping machine
model number:GH-X

product introduction:
   guangzhou guanhao linear capping mahcine applies to Cosmetics, medicine, veterinary medicine, pesticide, lube oil industry cap machine equipment. Mainly suitable for different material specification and different specifications to cover and screw cap .Suitable screw cap, security cover, press in cover has constant torque scew head so that it is conviinient to press the cap.the struction is Compact and reason and convenient to connect the other equipment.

function :
    linear to design ,it is convenient and beatiful to make of production line.the main machine adopt the inverter to adjust the speed stepless.

technology parameters :
dimension:           L:2450×W:880×H:1950mm
weight:            350kg
diameter of bottles:      Ф35 — Ф100mm
diameter of the bottle cap:      Ф18 — Ф50mm
voltage:           220V
power:          800W
capacity:          135 pcs/min

(it can design according to the client's needs and the function of the machine,above is the technology parameters of the standard machine )


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Phone:18924296628(Miss tang)

Addr:Dalong street, panyu district, near jiangdong village1 / f, building A, 33 cheng road