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lock cover machine

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 product name : loak cover machine
product model number:GH-SG-1

production introduction:
   GH-SG-1 number lock cover machine ,it applies to food ,drinking ,medicine and infusion solutions and oral liquid and cillin bottle of the chemical industry to loak cover with aluminium ,metal wine bottle cap to loak cover.

fuctions :
     Use of motor rotating drive suspension knife down top tight cap top, with lock device automatically capping, enables it to achieve the perfect cover lock effect. All the machine with mechanical principle, easy to use, easy to install.

technology parameters :

height of the bottles :70-330 mm

range of the lock : 25-35 mm

capacity : 800 bottles / hour

total power : 0.25 kw

voltage : 220v / 50 Hz

weight : 55 kg

dimentions :  520X200X900  (mm) (L X W X H)


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Addr:Dalong street, panyu district, near jiangdong village1 / f, building A, 33 cheng road