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Automatic Packing Machine

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Gh-K50 Automatic Packing Machine

Model: GH-K50
Product Name: Automatic Packing machine


This machine apply to packaging cereals, sugar, MSG, spices, puffed food, popcorn, seeds, tea and all kinds of granules and other granules items.

Feature characters:

Stepper motor orientated with the photoelectric switch position, to avoid downtime to adjust packaging film length, weight, temperature, vibration, bag precise, cup volume decreased errors, measurement is more accurate, low noise, easy to clean, to avoid the waste of packaging materials, film and digital temperature control table adjustment of temperature, more convenient, more stable and greatly

Technical parameter:

Speed 40-75bags/min
Measure range 1-150ml
Bag dimension length 30-180mm  width 15-145mm
Power 1600W
Net weight 230kg
voltage 220V, 380V/50Hz
Packing material Paper/ PT,   Aluminium foil/ PT, Nylon/ PT, tea filter paper and so on
Overall dimension 750 x 1100 x 1700(mm)

It can design according to client’s requirement.


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Addr:Dalong street, panyu district, near jiangdong village1 / f, building A, 33 cheng road