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GH-300 Model Automatic sleeve labeling machine


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Product model:GH-300
product name:Full automatic sleeve labeling machine

production introduction:
    Guangzhou guanhao machinery& equipment Co., Ltd produce GH-300 type full automatic sleeve labeling machine,

Mainly used in medicine, daily chemical, all kinds of bottle of juice, tea drinks, dairy products, pure water, detergent, disinfectant, cooking oil, spices, beer, sports drinks and other food and beverage industry. For vertical cylindrical automatically set on the surface of the product, set of table with high accuracy high speed device; To adapt to a certain set of standard size range of products. Using high accuracy intelligent sensor and high reliable microcomputer chip program controller (PLC) control servo motor of label, color man-machine interface humanization graphics display control, operation and straightforward, and has 50 set of parameters is stored and counting function. Not only of label position precision is high, and the more prominent bottle perfect after contracting type bottle, to a large number of saves the manpower, improve the accuracy and consistency.

Technical parameter:
applicable scope of production:external diameter 20~34 (mm)   height  50~120(mm)      
applicable of label : diameter 35mm(different size need to change accessories) length  70mm
label cutting accuracy
: ±1mm (Regardless of the product and the label error)       
production capacity: 100~200 bottle/min
voltage: 220V(3 phase 4 line)    
total power: 3KW   shrinking machine :  8KW
dimension: 4000X800X1950(mm)(LXWXH)     
total weight: 400kg

Guangzhou guanhao mechanical equipment co., ltd. is a professional design, production filling machine, labeling machine, screw Cover machine and other mechanical equipment company, the company has its own factory, designroom and sales department.





Addr:102 Unit A,No.33 Jiangcheng Road ,Bangjiang Dongcun, Dalong Street,Panyu Distrit,Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province